Go To Chipotle Because You Could Save The World

Tiago Rachelson:

New research indicates that a reduction in meat would not reduce carbon emissions. The research comes from Rural College and Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. This corporation indicates that because the Brazilian grass is so high quality, the grass will “cause more carbon to be stored in the soil, which will lead to a decrease in CO2.  To improve most grasses, one needs to use chemical and mechanical treatment of the soil, as well as use calcium, limestone and nitrogen fertilizers.

“The researchers worked out that if demand for beef is 30 per cent higher by 2030 compared with current estimates, net emissions would decrease by 10 per cent.”

“Reducing demand by 30 per cent would lead to 9 per cent higher emissions, provided the deforestation rates are not altered by a higher demand.”

This would only occur if the deforestation that comes with major meat producing companies does not increase with more meat production.

So go to Chipotle, they live on open grass, apparently!



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