☠ Plastic Be Gone ☠

Nico Balarezo:

In the world, about 342 million tons of plastic, is produced annually. That is A TON of non biodegradable material taking over our environment. But there is one specific type of plastic called PET plastic which is the hardest type and takes the longest to decompose. Since we are an innovative generation, scientists have identified a new species of bacteria, Plastic Bottleswhich they named Ideonella Sakaiensis 201-F6, that could almost completely break down a thin film of PET after six weeks at a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius). Before discovering these guys, scientists attempted to use many types of fungi to achieve this… all failed. The goals for these scientists is to find a way to transport these microbes and produce an easy way to get rid of the tons of plastic that we produce. I believe that this idea is fantastic although it takes six weeks for the microbes to digest a “thin film”. This clearly means it will take a very long time.


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