Bald Eagles in Maryland may have been killed by humans, authorities say

Brock Serrate:

There has been sad news heard around the world that about 13 bald eagles have been found dead in Maryland. You would think its of natural causes or maybe a disease threat, but it is strongly believed that people killed these beautiful animals of the sky. It is believed that people could have poisoned some of these birds. Workers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife conservation have done a necropsy on all of the birds, and there was no evidence of cuts, disease, or anything else of that matter found on these eagles. They strongly believe it is because of people and that is why they are searching for the possible people who committed such a tragedy. They will be going around trying to find the people responsible and there is also a reward. The reward is $25,000 to whoever tells the police who these people are. Whoever committed this tragedy could be fined a lot of money ($100,000) and go to prison for up to one year. It is sad what has happened to these beautiful birds and I hope that these people are punished for what they have done.


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