Inventor shows off ‘Iron Man’-like diving suit

Chad Serrate:

Recently, to the diving world; the infamous Phil Nuytten has built the Exosuit. This large suit is designed to go to depths of 1000 feet and weighs around 530 pounds. It is critical because it keeps the pressure inside the suit as it would be on Earth.You virtually feel no pressure. It has thrusters that push at 1.6 hp and the thickness of the suit keeps you safe from the 500 pound per square inch pressure one would face at that depth. These atmospheric diving suits are designed for oil riggers and ocean explorers. “Divers get the bends from moving too fast from a high-pressure environment to a normal pressure environment”(Patterson). When this occurs nitrogen bubbles are released blocking blood flow and could kill you. He hopes to jump start ideas of ocean mineral mining and habitats underwater to explore and house the workers.

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