Jail or ZOO?


Nicolas Montana



The Stock Island Detention Center is it a jail or a zoo? In 1994 the prison that used to hold more than 600 prisoners was turned into a partial farm. Animals that have been abused abandoned, as well as confiscated or donated. Animals such as goats, horses, snakes, and crocodiles, all find their homes in the prison. A very important part of this initiative is how some inmates, exactly 5 are allowed to interact and take care of the animals. They are passed through a process which not only sees if they are capable of doing it, but also if they are safe. Some of these men are dangerous and classifications such as non violent, no child offenders of any kind, and obviously no animal abusers, are essential to their involvement in this activity. Some have a hard time adapting, especially the ones that have to clean up after the animals, and even deal with pythons. I believe that this activity is very good for the community, not only because it saves tons of animals every year, but also because it gives the opportunity to prisoners so that they may do something productive and helpful.

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