Grocery Stores are Affecting the Environment and Nobody Knows It

Grocery stores are affecting the environment and nobody knows it. Most people don’t think about what kind of bag their groceries are held in. However, this is a serious problem because once we unpack our groceries and throw away the bags, they go to a landfill. The chemicals and toxins that slowly release into the ground pollute the water that we drink. Another problem with the use of plastic bags is that petroleum, a limited resource, is often used in the making of the bags. The number of plastic bags that are consumed globally is estimated at 500 million to one billion bags. Figures show that of the consumed bags, only one percent are recycled and the remaining ninety-nine percent are heading to landfills or oceans. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones affected. Animals are also impacted from our poor choices. For example, bags that end up in the ocean are mistaken for jellyfish by sea turtles causing them to choke. A solution for this issue is to cut down on the use of plastic bags by either using paper bags or buying recyclable bags and taking them with you when grocery shopping.

Amanda Martin

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