Fish kill in Florida: ‘Heartbreaking images’ seen for miles

Chad Serrate:

In Florida’s Indian River Lagoon hundreds of thousands of fish are dead. As you can see in the picture the fish stretch for miles. The Indian River Lagoon is made up of three lagoons; Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River, and the Indian River on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. The deaths of all these fish can be attributed to El Nino. In Central Florida, it has received 3 times the amount of average rainfall and bringing pollutants and fertilizers in the Indian River Lagoon. This brings the pollutants with the water and the increasingly warmer winter allowed a toxic algae bloom and a brown tide to deplete the oxygen levels in the water. Brown tide due to increase in phytoplankton in the water sprouted from the algae blooms from the increased heat. All we can do is recover and wait as this affects tourism and fishing for many.

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