Did you play with Legos as a kid? Surprising changes coming!

Patricio Salvidea

Dr. Llinas

Lego has been enabling the enjoyment of our youth for generations, and it wants to continue that trend, but it will not continue to do so at the expense of the environment. Lego’s building blocks have been made from a resilient plastic known as acrylonitrile butadine styrene (ABS) since 1963. Lego added that it uses over 6,000 tons of plastic per year in order to manufacture all of the sets we cherish so much.

Lego hopes that by working with outside companies and experts in the industry of sustainability they will be able to come up with a more sustainable plastic, that is not as hazardous to our environment. The company announced a couple of months ago that it will invest 150 million dollars to establish a Lego Sustainable Materials Centre and staff it with over 100 employees; in an effort to replace the plastic material used today. The company says this will be a reality in 2030.

Some of the complications that come with this is establishment is that ultimately, every plasic is hazardous to the environment. Should Lego replace plastic all together with other non-hazardous or less hazardous materials?

Do you guys know of a plastic that we use today that could result in less plastic consumption and wouldn’t be as hazardous to our beautiful planet?

We all love Legos, we need to find a more sustainable alternative!




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