Sperm Whales Dying

Nico Balarezo:

Recently, in Germany’s Northeast coast, there were 13 sperm whales beached. When the whales were opened, there was fishing gear and other plastics found inside the whales. More than 30 whales so far have been beached in the coasts of UK and Germany in 2015/16 due to their death in eating this hazardous plastic that we humans dump in the ocean. When 3 of the whales were opened to see what was the matter with them, scientists found garbage in their stomachs that included a nearly 43-foot-long (13-meter-long) shrimp fishing net, a plastic car engine cover, and the remains of a plastic bucket. But most scientists also link their deaths to their migrations to shallow waters. The wales have no measure of how shallow the waters are and end up being beached. But also, scientists claim that it can cause physical damage to their digestive systems. “The trash may eventually give the animals the sensation of being full and reduce their instinct to feed” according to Hal Whitehead.

I believe that all these factors are all linked to these poor harmless species being beached. This is our fault and I believe that we should all work together to obtain the cleaner ocean not only the animals need, but that we should and do desire.


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