Old computer? Don’t throw it away! Electronic Boards can now be used to create Hydrogen Energy!

electronic boards

Patricio Salvidea

Dr. Llinas

By using discarded electronic boards, most commonly found in computers, Andoni Salbidegoitia (a chemical engineer researcher from Spain) was able to develop a system for obtaining clean energy that can be used as fuel.

In advanced countries, the plastic waste found in electronic components is discarded in high amount. Since the plastic found in these electronic utilities is a bio-product of oil, it can be developed to obtain energy. These waste materials need specific treatment because they contain a great variety of other metals that can also be recovered and used. “In the process the waste is treated using steam, the metals present in the waste act as a catalyst and under certain conditions gaseous hydrogen is obtained; a fuel that is becoming established but whose main problem lies in storing it.”

Andoni says that the gasification of plastic waste has already been put into practice in Japan at an industrial level, and it could be able to work elsewhere. The main problem is that one would have to look at how and where the fuel product obtained could be used.



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