Redesigning the recycling industry


Nicolas Montana

Redesigning the recycling industry

In recent years low raw material costs have dealt a heavy blow to the recycling industry. This has led the French recycling federation believes the topic needs a complete change to stay afloat in the coming years. The French recycling federation published its view of the future of recycling in an article with the title  “The recycling industry by 2030.” In the article they talk about the problems facing the industry and how they might be solved. According to Corinne Lepage, a Republican politician, the industry is in problems because of how it is currently easier to buy primary raw materials than recycled ones. But according to the former French environment minister, other factors also explain “this economic nonsense, which is made possible by an absence of pressure to absorb external costs, particularly the cost of carbon, which burdens recyclers and the whole of the reuse industry”. So technically the process of recycling is not worth it economically for many, this means that every day less persons are interested in this. According to the article “The white paper points to “decreasing volumes, falling raw material prices, pressure on selling prices, margin erosion, the appearance of new competitors and new rules, intensifying competition at all levels…” With oil at only $35 per barrel, Yann Vincent, the coordinator of the white paper and president of FEDEREC’s research and innovation committee, believes the industry must “find ways to rethink its activity”. Vincent believes the industry must “consider partnerships with new actors and even move towards integrating the production and marketing chains for products made from recycled materials.”

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