The Congo’s Civil War Is Wiping Out Gorilla Populations

Nico Balarezo:

The Grauer’s Gorilla is a type of gorilla that lives in the African forests specifically in Congo. In 1998, the gorilla’s had a population of 17,000 living in peace and harmony in the forests of Congo. Unfortunately, since the start of the Congo Civil War, humans have killed tons of these harmless gorillas and led their population to decrease by 77%. There are about 3,800 gorillas left…RWANDA-NATURE-TOURISM-GORILLA

The gorilla’s are wiped out due to the establishment of mining camps and the growth of hunting to feed miners. They don’t necessarily eat the gorillas but they sometimes either get mistaken for another animal and other times they just kill them due to fear and even sport.

Another species of gorilla that is deceasing in Africa due to this is the Mountain Gorilla. They have a population of less that 300 left. This is horrible and we humans are easily to blame for this. Luckily, scientists have realized that this is happening and they took action by making protected sites for these beautiful animals.

The Congo’s Civil War Is Wiping Out Gorilla Populations


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