Tigers in the wild increase for first time in 100 years

Brock Serrate


For the first time in about 100 years, the population of tigers in the wild is increasing. The past many years there has not been a gradual increase in tigers in the wild. Right now there is about 3,890 tigers, which is a lot more than previous years. The reason that the tiger population is increasing is because of its gained population in countries such as India, Russia, Nepal, and Bhutan. The big goal from now to 2022 is to double the population of tigers in each country these tigers are located in. There are still doubts about some places (Southeast Asia) that these animals have a chance to gain population because of the occurrence of poaching and the loss of forests. If a country is going through deforestation, then it will be harder to increase the population of not only tigers but other animals who live in forests.



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