Mexico City orders all cars off the road one day a week

Patricio Salvidea

Dr. Llinas

mexico city article llinas

Authorities in Mexico City have temporarily ordered all cars to remain idle once a week, after air pollution reached an alarming high rate. Previously, if you had a sticker issued by the government proving that your car emitted less emissions than normal, you were exempt from the no circulation. But as of March 31st, all cars are obligated to stay off the road once a week, and also one Saturday of every month.

These grave measures where forced to put into action after warm temperatures and still air left pollution trapped in Mexico’s city volcano-ringed valley. This incident was categorized as a Phase 1 emergency due to high ozone levels, the first since 2005.

In addition, the city’s sustainability corporations stated that starting on July 1st, more modern technology will be put in place at smog-check centers (This is where you would take your car to see if your car is sufficiently “clean” to be on the road). Vehicles are legally supposed to be checked every six months.

This no circulation reform will be temporary, because cars will go back to the ordinary non-restriction schedule after July 29.

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