Wildfires, Once Confined to a Season, Burn Earlier and Longer

Lucas Valenzuela

Fires were once confined to a single season, but are now burning earlier and longer than ever both in the US and abroad. Here in the United States such fires have been burning in the winter and well into the fall. In Australia, the statistics are far more disconcerting as fires have burned without interruption for almost 12 months. Scientists say climate change is responsible for these devastating fires. Drier winters means less moisture on the land, which allows springs to pull moisture into the air more quickly. Consequently, shrub, brush, and grass turn into kindling. The aggressive policy of that call for fires to be put out as quickly as they started have exacerbated the problem. As such, there has been disagreements among fire ecologists over how to find a solution. Some argue that fires should be left to take their natural course and clear out the thick and dry brush on the forest floor. Others maintain that the increase in people moving to wild lands should prevent such an event to take place. 18FIRE-articleInline

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