Transmilenio en Bogota


Gian Paolo Catalfo


Each February in Bogota, Colombia they celebrate de annual car-free day. They celebrate it between 5 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. almost everyone used their bicycles to move or the other majority walked. Also, they made some restrictions in motorcycles too. In a city of over 7 million people, the absence of 600,000 private vehicles from the streets made a visible difference. Bogotá has grappled with air pollution and car-related traffic fatalities. According to Americas Quarterly, the number of registered private vehicles has risen 76 percent in the past seven years, and respiratory illnesses are the number one cause of infant mortality in the city, with a staggering 600,000 children under the age of five treated annually for breathing-related problems. Furthermore, 322 pedestrians and 56 cyclists were killed in 2014 to car-related accidents, and drivers lost an average of 22 days from waiting in traffic. One great reason for this day is that Bogota has the Transmilenio which opened in 2000 they year that the annual car-free day was inaugurated and it is one of the world’s most successful bus rapid transit in the system. Also, another advantage they have is that Bogotá has also long been a haven for bike enthusiasts, daily commuters, and casual riders alike.

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