Ecuador quake deaths pass 500 with hundreds still missing

Chad Serrate:

The earthquake in Ecuador on Saturday has been an absolute tragedy. The death toll has risen to 553 people and can increase to many with many more still missing. The amount of missing people is between 300 to 1700. Aside from the first earthquake, another equake at 6.2 magnitude struck offshore and could lead to many more issues. As we have seen in the past with Haiti, after the first quake, a second usually follows. The cost to repair is looking towards 3 billion dollars and still many more people are missing. The death toll will seem to rise. The original quake was at 7.8 magnitude and UN has estimated more than 100,000-200,000 people will need assistance to help with this disaster. We must aid in anyway way we can through disaster relief programs and help bring aid to Ecuador.

Rescue work following a powerful earthquake in Ecuador

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