Massive coral reef discovered in the Amazon River

Chad Serrate:

Early this week, scientists studying the Amazon River; specifically the point where the mouth of the river meets the Atlantic Ocean have found a 600 mile long coral reef. Teams from the US and Brazil are to thank for the discovery. The teams were there to research plumes (Mixing of fresh and saltwater) when the discovered the reef. They were dredging (removing sediments from the floor) when they found it.  “The finding is surprising because large rivers normally create gaps in reef distribution due to unfavorable conditions such as salinity, pH and light penetration. However, this coral reef system seems to be healthy, according to the report”(Imam). The discovery has led to the finding of 73 reef fish in which many are carnivorous. Not new fish but found reef fish in this location which in part promoted the search. The initial search started based off of a 1970’s article in which reef fish were being caught in the area and the scientists wanted to locate these reefs. Although it is healthy it is already at risk. “From ocean acidification and ocean warming to plans for offshore oil exploration right on top of these new discoveries, the whole system is at risk from human impacts,” Yager said.

American and Brazilian researchers collected this sponge sample as well.

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