Ugly fruits and Vegetables Getting the Chance to be Sold

Gabrielle Puig:

From various research, somewhere between 20 to 40 percent of produce in America ends up wasted. One of the main reasons they discovered why so many fruit and vegetables are thrown out is because they do not satisfy the image consumers and retailers believe fresh food should look like. For example, tomatoes that are too wide for hamburger buns, carrots that look like something out of an anatomy textbook, and curved cucumbers are almost never able to make it to the shelves at the grocery stores.

Whole Foods, realizing this huge problem, announced that they will begin selling “ugly” fruits and vegetables. In addition, an Australian-based retailer will begin selling oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables at a discount price which will promote the selling of them.

After Jordan Figueriedo, an advocate for waste diversion and founder of, launched a petition on last fall, he was able to schedule a meeting with Whole Foods executives and lead his change.

He was successful and his agreement with Whole Foods was a giant step towards great conservation.

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