Massive Coral Reef Discovered in the Amazon River

Gian Paolo Catalfo

Dr. Llinas.

Scientists discovered a huge coral reef system in the waters of the Amazon River. The Amazon Rivers is the world’s 10 longest river in the world and is the house of bizarre and undocumented creatures. Scientists wanted to explore all the reefs, so their first problem when sailing out was that they couldn’t find where other scientists had done the research since they didn’t have gps. The scientists used sound wavers so they can create pictures of the river bottom, then they took out seafloor samples to confirm the presence of the reef. They found a carnival of life in the bottom, they found: loads of reef fish species, a wide variety of sponges, algae and, of course, coral species. We brought up the most amazing and colorful animals I had ever seen on an expedition,” Yager said. Yet the amazing Amazon reef system was endangered almost from the moment of its discovery. It turned out that oil exploration is planned on top of the reef, while ocean acidification and warming threatens the coral reefs just as it does throughout the world’s oceans, Yager said.

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