People may be breathing in microplastics, health expert warns

Chad Serrate:

Microplastics could be entering our air says an environmental health expert. We could be inhaling these microplastics with unknown consequences. Microplastics damage our oceans creatures and environments and can easily be inhaled. They can enter through sewage and spread on fields and dries out, releasing them into the air. “If we breathe them in they could potentially deliver chemicals to the lower parts of our lungs and maybe even across into our circulation, in the same way as we worry about all the other vehicle-related emissions,” he said. The health effect of microplastics, either eaten or breathed in, was just beginning to be looked at, Kelly said” (Guardian). An addition could also be through eating fish containing microplastics in them and consuming them even. As public attention has shifted to microbeads ( plastics in soap and toiletries)  this could be the next issue regarding plastic.


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