24spread1-master1050Tiago Rachelson:

How do you care for earth and travel at the same time? Well it starts by being open-minded to the ideology of staying close to home. Finding a unique place that’s close to home is very important in terms of being environmentally friendly. For starters, an insane amount of energy is used to go over seas. However, you can go overseas if you end up going to a place that’s good for the environment, for instance, Namibia.

“Namibia, for example, is “really the exception on the African continent when it comes to poaching,” said James Sano, vice president for travel, tourism and conservation for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The government has a strong emphasis on conservation, he said, a sentiment embraced by tour operators and conservancies.”

Also, Costa Rica is a place that practices ecotourism. This is tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

Plan a trip, take it, but be mindful. It can save your life, and a lot of animals :).








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