Skinny Dipping Tragedy

Carlos Carvajal

Three Men broke into a place called Devils Hole. Devils Hole is a protected area in Death Valley National Park. In here is the home to one of the worlds rarest fish – The Devils Hole pupfish.

One of these men decided to go skinny dipping into this fish’s home. Unknowingly he was skinny dipping in the home belonging to a fish of which there are only 115 Devil Hole pupfish left as of last count in April. The video shows him potentially stressing and crushing pupfish who have no natural predators. Authorities are also concerned that the man may have crushed pupfish eggs since their spawning season is between April and May.

The pupfish are truly unique because it is believed that they have been isolated for 10,000 to 20,000 years. This is because they have adapted to 93 degree water which is unusually high for fish. Also they survive in an oxygen concentration that is usually deadly for fish. This makes them extremely vulnerable to extinction.

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