Farms found to be a major source of air pollution!

article llinas

Patricio Salvidea

Mr. Llinas

According to newly found studies from the American Geophysical Union, farms outweigh all other sources of fine-particle air pollution in the U.S, Europe Russia and China. The growing amount of air pollution is resulted from fumes of nitrogen-rich fertilizers and animal waste. The result of these particles getting into our air is that it combines with combustion emissions from fossil fuels to form solid particles; these particles can cause severe desease and result in death.

Specifically, the agricultural waste turns into ammonia, this ammonia comes in contact with our combustion emissions to form aerosol particles. These particles are about 2.5 micrometers across, about 1/30 of human hair. Although these particles in measurement are minuscule, they have resulted in serious harm to our environment.

Luckily, there is good news. In the recent years, our society as a whole has lowered its fossil fuel consumption and has resulted in lower emissions. This is helpful to our air because the ammonia can only be converted into aerosols when it comes in contact with emissions. In theory, if we keep minimizing our fossil fuel consumption we will have less agricultural air pollution.





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