2016 to be hottest year yet as April smashes records

Chad Serrate:

This year our Earth has experienced the hottest April on record. A 1.11 Celsius increase than the average April temperatures. The 2 degree Celsius limit would have large scale affects on the environment. Weather occurrences heightened to an extreme limit. Large wildfires, stronger hurricanes and animals would be at greater risk for extinction. On this current path 2016 will be the hottest year and beat out the 2015 record. “Temperature rises have had a boost in the past year from a strong El Nino, a weather event characterized by the warming of ocean waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean that brings extreme weather, including drought and heavy rains, to other parts of the world” (Dewan) Scientists want La Nina to come soon so that the pacific waters will cool. The Paris Agreements even more looked at to help aid our planet.


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