Ocean bacteria are programmed to alter climate gases

Gaby Puig:

A study was done in which scientists found that the most abundant plankton in the world’s oceans are pumping out massive amounts of two sulfur gases that play very vital roles in the Earth’s atmosphere. One of the compounds they found included dimesthylsulfide, or DMS- which we know to contribute to the smell of the sea. The other gas-methanethiol- makes one think of leaking gas lines. Scientists think that since dimethylsulfide oxidizes to sulfuric acid, it can create cloud formation and change the heating of the Earth. What was even more interesting, the scientists said, was that they discovered that the metabolic circuit is hardwired into cells. Usually, cells turn genes on and off when they need them. However, the newly discovered circuits for sulfur gas production are on all the time. While the cells could make methanol, they never expected that it be released in large quantities.

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