’99 Percent Chance’ 2016 Will Be Hottest Year

Shanon Koessler


Recent rises in temperature has brought attention to many scientists around the world. According to records, this year 2016, might be the hottest year in record history. They claim the primary cause has been the heat that has built up from decades of unabated greenhouse gas emissions. The hottest months this year were recorded as February and March. Records show that global temperatures have come down slightly from the peaks they hit in February and March, which ranked as the most anomalously warm months by NASA and NOAA. Scientists say it will take a significant effort to further limit emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat. This months temperatures are still considerably higher than they were just last year, the current title-holder for the hottest year on record. If 2016 does set the mark, it will be the third record-setting year in a row
















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