April 2016 Was 12th Consecutive Warmest Month on Record, NOAA Says

Fabiana Lacaunoaa-april.jpg

This month was the 12th consecutive month that the planet has recorded as its warmest respective month ever on record.

April’s temperature over the world’s surface was 1.1 degrees Celsius above the average in the 20th century. This month was also the hottest by a big margin, the previously warmest April was in 2010 at 0.28 degrees. This may seem like it is not much of a difference, but in the world of climate statistics, computed from worldwide temperatures, this is yet another record-shattering figure.

The 12-month streak with record warm temperatures for the world is the longest stretch of months in a row that a global temperature record has been set in NOAA’s dataset.
Northern and central South America, part of Europe, western and central Africa, eastern Australia, and southern Alaska, and the Caribbean experienced record breaking warmth.However, Canada saw cooler conditions than average with a temperature that was 5 degrees Celsius below


April 2016 also continues a string of 369 consecutive months at or warmer than average. The last colder-than-average month in NASA’s database was January 1985.

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