GMOs May Be Safe to Eat, But Some Are Still Bad for the Planet

Fabiana Lacau


GMOs have been controversial for a long time, the fear that plants that have had their DNA changed might harm humans has been a constant topic. However, the scientific conseus is now undeniable. GMOs are completely safe for human consumption.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine have released and extremely comprehensive 400 page analysis that argues that the past two decades of research have revealed no increased ill effects in the populations that have consumed GMOs.  It is the result of a review of more than 1,000 studies on the effects of GMOs, testimony from more than 80 expert witnesses, and more than 700 public comments. It’s basically a summary of everything the scientific community has learned about GMOs over the past two decades.

The researchers compared disease reports from the U.S. since the ’90s with those from Europe, where GM crops are not widely eaten, and found absolutely no long-term pattern indicating an increase in disease coinciding with the introduction of GM crops. There was no demonstrable correlation between GMO consumption the development of cancer, obesity, Type II diabetes, celicac disease,  allergies or autism.

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