Swimming pools are not as clean as you may think!


chem article picture

Patricio Salvidea

Dr. Llinas

Everyone loves to dip yourself in the pool in a hot summer day. But did you know that regardless of how many times they clean the pool, there is still tons of substances that can be harmful to your health. As most of you are aware of, there is a process done to disinfect the pool and or hot tub so that we can enjoy them. However, disinfectants also react with sweat, urine, and other substances brought in by its user. Studies have shown that they have found many disinfectant byproducts. In a lab setting, the waters tested have been found to cause genetic damage to cells. additionally, other reports have found that some people that work around pools have higher rates of health problems, including respiratory symptoms, and bladder cancer. Ultimately, researchers say that pool operators and cleaners can reduce the byproducts of disinfection by cleaning facilities and especially changing the water more frequently. Also, encourage swimmers to shower before going inside the pool and using the toilets when necessary!



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