Dam Daniel

Tiago Rachelson:

Glen Canyon Dam is a dam that exists on the Colorado River that blocks the flow of the river. The dam is over two football fields high and drowns more than “200 miles of plasma-red gorges and replacing the Colorado’s free-spirited rapids with an immense lake of flat, still water called Lake Powell, the nation’s second-largest reserve”.

Due to climate change altering the environment, the warm weather dries out a lot of the water, taking out much of the water needed for dams. So, we won’t see many new dams in the future world.
However, some dams are being built so that water doesn’t flow downstream. These are old solutions to a new, record-setting drought.

Commissioner of the federal Bureau of Reclamation said, “We have a responsibility to reassess the fundamental precepts of how we have managed the river.”

The dams have economic value as several fisheries are losing profit on their salmon, who are dying out. We must restore these dams and take care of the environment, because we are losing a lot of essential water and gaining unessential water that is rising the seas. dam.jpg

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