Red Tide causes hard times.

Hunter Serrate,

Red algae has made a turn for the worst for Chile’s seafood industry. The Red tide is a toxic algae that kills the marine life, and now the fishing and bird watching industries. Many say that the islands that have been affected are the ones that had some of the best bird watching. That has taken a far turn, as the birds have too been effected by the red tide and have either been killed, or they move elsewhere due to harsh living conditions. The red tide has caused a mass emergency alarm. The consumption of any of these fish or shellfish could spell disaster for your body. The cause is not to be said El Nino, but in fact the salmon farms and nurseries that Chile has along their southern coast. They are dumping dead and contaminated waste and fish into the ocean, which causes the bacteria to grow, thus the start of the red tide. This is the worst red tide Chile has seen in years.

This Red tide is something that is common in Florida, just not to a large extent as in Chile. I thought that this is very interesting as well as sad for those having their jobs lost or put on hold due to the red tide. I do not see much of a fix to this, it is sad to see that many of the fish have died, and or are unsafe to eat. the-seas-turn-red-off-chile

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