Air Pollution Exposure worsens Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Christopher Dorsy

According to the Endocrine Society’s Journal of clinical Endocrinology and metabolism, the more air pollution one inhales, the higher the chance of contracting one of these cardiovascular diseases. This is not only an issue pertaining to diseases and pollution, but also a financial issue worldwide. As of 2011, $320 billion was spent treating cardiovascular disease.¬†Researchers analyzed the results of more than 600,000 blood samples taken from 2003-2012, and the reports showed that the participants tended to have poorer cholesterol and higher blood pressure when exposed to large amounts of air pollution. This exposure also showed less levels of HDL, or “good” cholesterol.

This research shows another example of the countless reasons of how and why the excessive amount of pollution is an issue, not only in terms of the climate or health, but also economically.


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