GMOs May Be Safe to Eat, But Some Are Still Bad for the Planet


Antonio Colmenares

At first the biggest scare about GMOs was that “by tampering with a plant’s DNA, it could potentially cause health issues for consumers.” But after years of study they have concluded that GMOs are “safe for consumers.” And this study is not industry based scientist that do it for the money. But rather “It is, instead, the result of a review of more than 1,000 studies on the effects of GMOs, testimony from more than 80 expert witnesses, and more than 700 public comments. It’s basically a summary of everything the scientific community has learned about GMOs over the past two decades.” They compared the US population and that of 90s Europe which doesn’t use many GMOs and have found no change in diseases like “There was no demonstrable correlation between GMO consumption the development of cancer, obesity, Type II diabetes, celiac disease, food allergies or autism.” But this GMOs are producing insects that are amune to the GMOs that are harming the environment.

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