Nile Crocodiles invade Florida:

Hunter Serrate,

In recent studies, more and more nile crocodiles have been found in Florida’s swamps. Four were found in 2000, which did not pose much of a threat, but they are starting to show up in larger numbers. Nile Crocodiles are much more aggressive, since 2000, alligators and crocodiles combined have killed 33 people. In that same time span, the Nile Crocodile has killed 268 people. They reach lengths of up to 20 ft, and can take anything down from Hippos to humans. We do not want to encounter one of these while fishing the swamps or paddleboarding in the the bay. The numbers have not grown at a rapid rate, but it should be taken seriously, because it can seriously cause a lot of damage to our environment if we let them get too big. The population of alligators and crocs could die off significantly if we do not take action and try to prevent the reproduction of these Nile Crocodiles.


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