World’s Air Conditioning Boom Would Worsen Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Study

Gaby Puig:

Studies have found that there is no chill on the airconditioning boom that’s expected to heat up to historic levels over the decade.

Studies are seeing that air conditioner sales have grown about 15% a year. It also means that air coniditoning sales can nearly double from about 900,000 million in 0 to roughly 1.6 million by 2030. Scientists now are trying to shut off inexorable growth so that they can find fresh energy efficient technologies that can offset the effects that A/C units have on the climate.

If fresh energy air conidtioners are implemented then we will be cutting down on the use of hydrofluorocarbons. HFCS are among the fastest growing ggreenhouse gases with “global warming potentials thousands of times higher” than carbon dioxide.

They thought that reducing the amount of HFCs in the environment would be a better alternative to mitigating climate changge than trying to control carbondioxide alone.

In the united states, where two thirds of homes have air conditioners, roughly one hundred million tons of carbon dixode are released into the air each year.


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