Teddy Bear inspiration taken off threatened species list

Recently, the Louisiana black bear has been taken off of the threatened species list. The Louisiana black bear first was listed on the Endangered species act in 1992 because of its loss of habitat. The Endangered Species act is a law that was passed to help save the nation’s animals with the biggest chance to go on the list. Since this law has been passed, many many animals have been helped saved (about 99%). Farmers were one of the biggest factors to the survival of the black bear because they used conservation programs which helped spread the breeding population of these black bears. They let many people around the world know the situation. The number of black bears has drastically increased since getting on the list in the 90’s. When the black bear first got on the list, there was about 150, and now there’s about 750 black bears. This is an amazing accomplishment that could not have been done without the help of many.



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