Agents of Change

The Academy of Agents of Change is designed to single out industrious young people
and enable them to experience moments that will illuminate their personal vision in
order to embark on a course of being Agents of Change toward a sustainable future in their communities.

The Academy combines Outward Bound, adventure learning methodology; and Ashoka Youth Venture, social entrepreneurial framework. The program provides scenarios where young individuals between 15 and 18 may experience a process that generates personal tools, new leadership, communication, empathy and personal development skills. Throughout the program, participants pursue the development of social initiatives, ultimately aimed at generating a positive social impact in their community.

The Academy operates under Lonesome George & Co.’s MIND + SHIFT + IMPACT model to create positive community engagement and change.

To learn more about the academy visit and

More information is available in these documents:

AOC PTS Info package


AOC PTS Toolkit

2015 Academy of Agents of Change at Palmer Trinity School

Module 1 – Discovering Myself

Module 2 – Finding My Voice


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